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Published on May 17th, 2008 | by Michael J Smith


JR Motorsports To Cup?

Scene Daily is reporting that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is considering moving his JR Motorsports program to Sprint Cup as soon as 2009.

Jr. quickly took Martin Truex Jr. off his potential short list of drivers:

Why would he want to come drive for me? He’s in good stuff now and he’s going to have great opportunities from other people. And I would never do that to him. For the first year coming out of the box, man we’ll struggle like hell. Come on, man. He’s going to have deals offered to him by these great companies around here and from DEI. I’ll be at the bottom of that list, right there with Haas [CNC Racing] and a couple of other people. I don’t know with Tony [Stewart] if he goes [to Haas CNC], he might be able to talk Martin into it. But I don’t know, man. I mean no way would I even do that to Martin, even if he wanted to.

If you remember last year it was briefly rumored that Jr. would take his team to Sprint Cup with Truex driving a second car for the team.

Despite what Jr. says, I think it could be a possibility that Truex is considered. The two are good friends and Truex has driven for Jr. before.

NASCAR is a sport of denials. Drivers, owners and sponsors frequently deny deals that are eventually announced. So, don’t be surprised if we see Truex in a JR Motorsports Cup entry.


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Michael J. Smith is a NASCAR enthusiast and blogger. In addition to founding this website, Michael is a journalist with over a decade of experience writing for prestigious media organizations.

6 Responses to JR Motorsports To Cup?

  1. doyounascar says:

    Very, very interesting. Personally, I think if this is a valid rumor, then Junior might want to consider slowing down for a moment and concentrating on getting a couple seasons under his belt over at HMS first. It just seems like he’s been taking an awful lot on lately.

  2. leadlap says:

    I think that, so long as the rumors continue and he continues to do things outside of driving a racecar, people will keep questioning his focus.

    And, if he doesn’t win for a while, those questions will get louder and louder.

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